Hello beautiful human being! – ÖDN WEAR

Hello beautiful human being!

Welcome to our new website! First we want to thank you for being so patient with us, we sure took our time creating this.. But that's because we want it to be a positive experience for you, they do say first impressions are definitive!

Hopefully this will encourage a positive impression!! 

Next we really couldn't have done this alone, so we want to thank everyone that helped us, and everyone that is helping us. Honestly, our love for all of you is endless.

Thank you Svenning Olaf for this beautiful platform that we now get to call our website, and for the patience to teach us to further develop it as we encounter this new adventure. 

Now back to YOU, you're the reason we're doing this! So, in order to show our deepest gratitude to you, we want to offer a special gift to some of the first paying customers. 

Now! Get to it, surf our website, explore, maybe you'll find something of interest! 


All the warmest hugs


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  • Penny Leese

    Lovely – what are you doing now there are no festivals ??😊

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